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    Preventing Fraud: It's More than Adequate Financial Controls

    By: John T. Murdock, President, Greek Resource Services, Inc.

    There has been a good bit of press recently concerning financial fraud committed by alumni volunteers of fraternities and sororities. Two high profile cases involve volunteers of Chi Omega and Gamma Phi Beta who have pled guilty to stealing more than $1.5 Million from their organizations. Both perpetrators are currently awaiting sentencing.
    These cases have resulted in new requirements for clients of at least one insurance broker covering the claims. The new requirements include: 1) House Corporation Boards must have at least two board members. 2) Dual control over bank and vendor accounts. 3) Appropriate oversight of budgets and spending plans. 4) Adequate documentation of decision making during financial management. All of these new requirements are good advice for every non-profit board, but is it enough?
    My firm worked with Gamma Phi Beta House Corporation since its inception in 1988. The board president had been in her office for 6 years. We talked with her several times a month, sometimes almost daily. In the planning for their ...
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  • Spring-Break-2016


    In conjunction with RPG Ownership and Management services, RPG offers consulting and guidance to recognized ATO House Corporations. We want to see corporations provide positive experiences not only for the brothers living in the house, but also the dedicated volunteers behind the scenes.  While summer is a great time to do some house cleaning at the chapter house, it’s also a great time to examine the Housing Corporation as well.  
    A few House Corporation details to consider:
    •         Do you need to update your board membership?  
    •         Perhaps some members are no longer involved or have terms that are rolling off? 
    •         How do you plan to add new members? 
    •         When was the last time your bylaws were reviewed or updated?
    •         Is the corporation current with the state?
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  • FraternitiesUPDATED

    Join us April 3 at 8:00 EDT

    Packing bags and waving goodbye does not a house closing make. There’s simply more to it than that. For the home to be fully prepared for summer projects and for the property and belongings inside to remain safe, it’s imperative we have a well thought out, step by step process to ensure the house is closed properly, effectively, and securely at the end of each semester.

    In this webinar, CSL’s Amy Jo Gabel will walk us through this very process. We’ll explore the reasons why it’s important to have a detailed plan associated with closing the home for the summer, what we need to learn as students move out, how to secure the home post student departure, and how to properly prepare for summer projects such as upgrades and renovations. At the end of the session, we will all have a better understanding of the importance and fundamentals of the summer closing process.

    To join the webinar, click on the link below. 

    Join Skype Meeting      

    Trouble Joining? Try Skype Web App

    Join by ...

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    Capital Improvments 

    Typically, most capital improvement work happens in the summer months when our houses are either vacant or have lighter occupancy.  If summer is your time to tackle projects, now is the time to start planning.  Do you have improvement projects on the horizon?  Have you identified and planned your projects?  Is your funding ready to go?  Great.  You’re set.

    Not quite?  Have questions… concerns?  We can help. 

    RPG offers a full spectrum of services designed to help your house corporation effectively maintain your house today and for years to come. 

    Together we can;

    • Identify capital needs present today and ...
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  • Insurance
    Protecting your assets is vital. 
    The potential for loss exists all around us. RPG can help ensure your assets are kept safe for you and future generations. Whether it’s protecting real estate from Mother Nature, your corporation’s assets from litigation or a chapter house resident’s personal belongings, RPG has the tools and resources to ensure you’re covered.

    RPG offers several different insurance products to meet your coverage needs. Property and liability insurance for house corporations, renter’s insurance for members/residents and special events insurance for the chapter.


    Through our partnership with professionals and underwriters specializing in the fraternal insurance market, we’re confident RPG can offer you the breadth and coverage of insurance your property needs at industry low premiums. 


    The House Corporation Commercial General Liability Insurance Program was instituted in 2013 to help ensure all house corporation assets were adequately insured. ATO National’s General Liability Policy affords each house corporation only $100,000 of coverage. If your corporation ...

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  • According to Holmes Murphy, “Each year beginning in November, the number of fraternity property claims spike. The most troubling part of it is a vast majority of all of the claims reported over the winter are avoidable. During the winter of 2013-2014, $2.7 million was paid for water damage resulting from frozen pipes that burst in the FPMA property program. Over 90% of the losses occurred over the three week traditional winter break period.  

    While many chapter houses are once again occupied for the spring semester, some will remain empty this week and next.  Regardless of when your semester starts, please continue to be vigilant about checking your property for frozen pipes and other consequences of this cold weather.  Don’t forget to follow a few tips from Holmes Murphy on preventing freezing pipes and other winter-related risk management incidents!

    • Keep the heat ON!  Never let your house get below 60 degrees.

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  • Fall News Story Header

    On August 16th, 2002 RPG received possession of the ATO Gamma Mu House at 1537 Tennessee Street in Lawrence, Kansas.  At the time, there was no ATO chapter on campus, no tenant in the building, the mortgage was due and property taxes were in arrears.   Circumstances were difficult.  The ATO alumni owners of the building wanted desperately to preserve the house for ATO’s future use.   Selling the house to the university, another fraternity or a local property owner would all but eliminate that hope.  They all agreed, the young, ATO National subsidiary called RPG is our best option.

    On August 16th, 2017, 15 years later, to the day, the Gamma Mu chapter of ATO moved back into the house at 1537 Tennessee Street.  Through 15 years of work, sacrifice, risk, uncertainty, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested and a whole lot of effort by many alumni, undergraduates, parents and RPG and National Fraternity staff and volunteers, the house on Tennessee Street is again the Gamma Mu House.  What an amazing day.  What an amazing success.  Thank you to everyone that made this day possible.

    The ...

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    Question: What’s the most important decision a chapter makes year in and year out? 

    Answer: Who is elected to be Chapter President.

    This is obviously critically important for many reasons, not the least of which is protecting and building on what you’ve accomplished as a chapter.  While the outcome of any election is unknown, the chapter has a responsibility to do everything it can to ensure that the men running for chapter president are qualified, committed for the right reasons and that the chapter knows each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.  

    Why is RPG concerned with who is elected Chapter President? 

    That is a great question!  RPG is concerned with this because your president plays a critical role in the successful operation of the chapter house.  Interfacing with RPG on leasing, room assignments, rent, inspections, opening and closing the house, and repair issues are just a few additional things that a chapter president is required to do.  Much like communication with the National Fraternity, RPG is constantly communicating ...

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  • Fall Break Newspage

    With fall breaks around the country coming up, it’s a good time to ensure that your house is prepared to be vacant for a few days. Even if the house isn’t completely empty, it is still a good idea to secure the facility. As occupancy levels drop, the risk of something happening goes up. Click Here for a checklist of items to consider when securing the house for break. This list is also available in our resources section.

    Another thing to remember is that RPG’s insurance policy does not cover personal items. If you are not insuring your items with a Renter’s Policy, you might be putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Click Here for more information on Renter’s Insurance and how you can be protected for less than a dollar a day.
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  • Safety Security Newspage

    Living in a well-run, safe and secure chapter house can be an amazing experience. In order to reduce the risk of safety issues, your chapter may want to consider a security system. Members may think that because there are dozens of people living inside the house, it's the last place a security system is needed. Unfortunately, that pro can also be a con. With many people living together and friends and visitors constantly coming and going the potential for confusion is increased, putting the house at risk for unwanted intruders.
    Many facilities have multiple people assigned to one room. With everyone on different schedules it's hard to know when someone is actually home or not and doors often remain unlocked. It is important for residents to always carry their room key or fob with them so personal room doors can always be locked, even if it's for a few minutes while chatting with a friend down the hall.
    College, fraternity and technology seem to go hand in hand. Many chapter houses have high ...
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  • Gamma Mu Kansas
    (click photo to see before and after)

    1537 Tennessee underwent a major transformation this summer. All in all, we crammed about 6 months of work into 2 months and couldn't have done it without an amazing set of subcontractors, countless labor hours from the undergraduates, alumni and parents, great advice and recommendations from Dick Hall (KU alumnus) and a stellar project management team at RPG. The bills are still coming in but at present we tabulated roughly $200,000 in renovations. We still have some work to do, but we're sure you'll agree the level of finish in the house far exceeds it's best condition in the last 20 years. It's up to the men of Gamma Mu now to keep it looking great, keep those beds full and to return ATO life back to 1537 Tennessee.
    Notable Work Includes:
    • Plaster/drywall repairs & new paint throughout the house
    • New wood-plank flooring throughout the upper floors and main stairwell
    • An impressive stained concrete and epoxy floor coating in the basement
    • Color-matched blinds throughout the bedrooms
    • Added ...
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  • Welcom Back


    With move-ins happening at college campuses across the country, we wanted to say, "Welcome back!" to all of our residents. We hope you have an excellent year. RPG is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all residents.  Questions or concerns related to RPG facilities may be directed to us at or utilize our online reporting system by logging into the tenant portal in the upper right of this site.

    As a reminder, if you're a resident in an RPG managed property, we recommend that you have adequate renter's insurance to protect your belongings. RPG's insurance does not cover personal belongings. 

    If you're a parent of a resident, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns via the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.

    Have a great semester!

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    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi

    ATO chapters have countless volunteers working behind the scenes and the same is true for our house corporations. As summer is winding down already, we would like to say 'Thank You!'

    Ensuring volunteer success is important to any organization, RPG looks forward to providing resources to officers - both undergrad and corporation. Before the fall term takes off, now is a great time check in with your corporation officers and make sure you are prepared for a successful year. In addition to planning ahead for renovations, builds and campaigns, corporations should also be cognizant of their volunteer pipeline.  Developing and managing volunteers effectively can provide maximum benefit to the organization and the individuals.

    • Do you need to update your board membership with the Headquarters?  
    • Perhaps some members are no longer involved or have terms that are rolling off?  
    • How do you plan to add new members? 
    • Is everyone involved having a positive, meaningful experience to ensure future ...
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  • HC-Resources

    In conjunction with RPG Ownership and Management services, RPG offers consulting and guidance to recognized ATO House Corporations. We want to see corporations provide positive experiences not only for the brothers living in the house, but also the dedicated volunteers behind the scenes.  While summer is a great time to do some house cleaning at the chapter house, it’s also a great time to examine the Housing Corporation as well.  

    A few House Corporation details to consider:

    •         Do you need to update your board membership?  
    •         Perhaps some members are no longer involved or have terms that are rolling off? 
    •         How do you plan to add new members? 
    •         When was the last time your bylaws were reviewed or updated?
    •         Is the corporation current with the state?
    •         Has the corporation closed it’s accounting for the year?
    •         Is the 990 tax return being prepared?
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  • Spring-Break-2016

    Summer is a great time to do some house cleaning, not only for the chapter house, but also for the Housing Corporation as well.  Do you need to update your board membership?  Perhaps some members are no longer involved or have terms that are rolling off?  How do you plan to add new members? Have you scheduled a summer meeting to plan for the next academic year? These are all good issues to address prior to a new school year.

    Good House Corporations function year round, not just the months our facilities are occupied.  RPG has a wide array of resources and templates available in our Housing Corporation Resources section for your use to help ensure your house corporation is operating at the highest level possible.  If you have questions about running an effective house corporation, give us a call.  We’d love to help.

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  • Finals are here; which means summer move-outs are upon us!  

    For most housed chapters and house corporations, this means your facilities will be vacant or at much less than full capacity for the next 60-90 days. 

    According to Holmes Murphy, each year, 76% of all claim dollars paid were paid as a result of fire damage with the majority of those occurring during the summer.  Next to that, water damage and vandalism were other big reasons that claims were paid out. We encourage all properties to have regularly scheduled walk thrus by your property manager. Don't forget about lawn care and exterior maintenance during your never know when a potential member might be visiting campus and drive by the property.  

    Be sure to check out this link to see what you can do to prepare your facility for summer break from our friends at Holmes Murphy. The RPG House Closing Checklist and Move In/Out form are also great resources ...

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  • How can we reduce the exposure to fall from heights incidents at the chapter level?

    Falls from heights are a significant problem in fraternal properties. A number of catastrophic incidents have occurred in recent years when students have fallen off balconies, roofs, fire escapes and out of windows of fraternity/sorority properties. In some of the cases fatalities have resulted. Nearly 80% of the incidents involved alcohol, while over 80% were on chapter property.

    As such, we strongly recommend against allowing members access to these things unless it is an emergency situation such as a fire. Other steps can be taken as well:

    • Conduct 3rd party inspections of chapter properties
    • Address egress issues with Fire Department and meet the minimum required by code
    • Establish House Corporation standards that need to be met to obtain recognition and coverage under the Fraternity’s liability insurance policies
    • Standardized Housing Agreement and Lease Structure
    • Proof of Compliance with IRS not-for-profit requirements (990)
    • Functioning Board
    • 3rd party inspection completed at least on biennially basis
    • Prohibit social functions on decks and balconies
    • Make sure ...
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  • spring-break
    To prepare for spring break, when few or no people will be in the chapter house, there are several things that need to be done to ensure the protection of the structure. Consider the following checklist as it applies to your situation.

    • DO NOT turn the heat off and do not turn the thermostat below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • All windows and doors must be closed, locked, and secured. For theft prevention and energy conservation, the drapes and blinds should be closed.
    • Allow one faucet on each floor (preferably rooms on outside walls) to have a slow drip to
    maintain a flow of water in the pipes which will prevent them from freezing.
    • If responsible for snow removal, please contract with local service or have a chapter member who lives nearby remove snow while ...
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  • ATO House 

    In June, RPG acquired its 17th property with the purchase of the Washington State (Gamma Chi) Chapter House.  The facility is over 12,000 sq ft and can sleep more than 50  students.   With the help of the Gamma Chi Alumni capital campaign and many devoted alumni volunteers, we are planning a major renovation to the house for the Spring of 2018. 

    Following the acquisition the summer,  the basement Chapter Room was renovated.  The room was transformed  into a multi-purpose room that the men can use for chapter meetings, studying, and brotherhood gatherings.  The project was spearheaded and made possible by Gamma Chi alumni, members of the Mother’s Club, and chapter members.  Work was completed in August and open to the chapter as school began.   All reviews of the space so far have been extremely positive.   Thank you to all who donated their time and money to make this project a tremendous success.  We are looking forward to many more improvements to the house as time goes on.

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  • Spring-Break-2016

    ‚ÄčLast summer we brought you news about RPG’s efforts to “Go Green” with our utilities.  After analyzing utility usage and costs in the last 9-12  months, we are pleased with our results.  Each property that went through LED conversion is seeing an average savings of 15%.  Some properties are saving nearly 20%.

    Summer is a great time to perform upgrades and maintenance to your facility, especially when access to bedrooms is required.   If you would like more information about LED conversion and how  RPG can help contact Bobby Grangier at

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  • Need Help Leasing?


    Need Help Leasing?         

    Think Winter is too early to start thinking about Fall?  Think again.  There are many benefits to getting leases in order as soon as possible.  One of the biggest is, move-in time you’re not scrambling to get paperwork signed, people moved-in, and keep all your important documents organized.  Whether you are a property owner, manager, or tenant, it’s nice to know that the details are taken care of early. 

    One way to keep everything organized and conduct this process with ease is by using an e-signature application.  This software allows you to manage this process paperless which eliminates the need for mailings, copies, and scanning documents back into your system.  All of these things save time and money which are valuable assets to any House Corporation Volunteer, Property Manger or Owner. 

    If you or your house corporation struggles in this area, RPG may be able to help.  Let us know at and we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs.  
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    RPG Goes Green             

    Last spring a project was started to convert RPG owned facilities from the standard incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescents to ultra high efficiency LED replacements.  With help from Andrew Robertson, Georgia Southern ’10, and a partnership with Graybar, we have been able to get the project off to a great start at several properties including; Georgia Southern, Georgia, Maryland  and Minnesota.  More properties are slated for the spring 2016 semester.  Ultimately the goal is to provide savings to both RPG and the local chapter, as well as make the interior of the Chapter House brighter and cleaner with the efficiency and illumination that LED’s provide.

    If you’re a housing corporation member or a house manager that is interested in this project or looking into making your house more energy efficient, we would love to help answer questions and get you started.  Feel free to communicate with us via the contact us link at the top of the page. 

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  • New Standards and Practices

    Michigan (Beta Lambda) gets a facelift!


    After re-chartering in 2014, the newly initiated men and Michigan (Beta Lambda) alumni were glad to be able to call the facility on Cambridge St home again. The 2014-2015 academic year was the first year an ATO Chapter had inhabited the facility in almost 10 years! 

    This summer, the 87 year old facility received a bit of a facelift with new windows. This upgrade was necessary as a way to improve the look and feel of the home, provide energy efficiency, and an overall safer environment for the chapter members that live there. 

    The former chapter room has been redeveloped as a Multi Media Chapter Educational Room was funded by the Beta Lambda Alumni Association through contributions to the ATO Foundation.  Some of the major improvements were a complete install of new oak panels along the walls along with upgraded wifi service for the members in the space and lower level of the facility.  This room is an important symbol of brotherhood and pride for the chapter; and its evolution from a room which was focused on drinking ...

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  • Texas State Acquired

    Indiana State (Zeta Omicron) John P. Newton Chapter House Update

    Upon the end of the spring semester in 2015, the Indiana State Chapter House began a transition into Indiana State University student housing.  Once the chapter closed in April, RPG began searching for tenants and found a partner with the University.  Along with that partnership, came upgrades to the facility.  New floors, new paint, and an upgraded fire alarm system are all part of the upgrades that have happened to the facility since May. 

    Even though the chapter house has closed its doors to ATO’s for the time being, Zeta Omicron alumni can trust that the house will always remain for ATO members to live in once the chapter returns.  RPG’s mission is to preserve and protect ATO Assets for the enjoyment of ATO’s and the partnership with the University will allow us to preserve and upgrade the facility for future ATO Tenants.  If alumni have questions about the status of the facility, feel free to email us at

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