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According to Holmes Murphy, “Each year beginning in November, the number of fraternity property claims spike. The most troubling part of it is a vast majority of all of the claims reported over the winter are avoidable. During the winter of 2013-2014, $2.7 million was paid for water damage resulting from frozen pipes that burst in the FPMA property program. Over 90% of the losses occurred over the three week traditional winter break period.  

While many chapter houses are once again occupied for the spring semester, some will remain empty this week and next.  Regardless of when your semester starts, please continue to be vigilant about checking your property for frozen pipes and other consequences of this cold weather.  Don’t forget to follow a few tips from Holmes Murphy on preventing freezing pipes and other winter-related risk management incidents!

  • Keep the heat ON!  Never let your house get below 60 degrees.

  • If in an extreme cold weather climate, consider leaving a slow drip in a few faucets.  Especially those that might sit on an outside wall.

  • Call your property manager immediately if a problem with the furnace arises and take immediate action to prevent further damage if need be.

  • Keep sidewalks, driveways, and walkways clear of ice and snow in a timely fashion to avoid slips and falls.  If you are not contracting someone to do this, consider that possibility.
  • Do not leave cars idly running unlocked to warm up. 
To watch a webcast about Winter Break Pitfall by Holmes Murphy, click here


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