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Protecting your assets is vital. 
The potential for loss exists all around us. RPG can help ensure your assets are kept safe for you and future generations. Whether it’s protecting real estate from Mother Nature, your corporation’s assets from litigation or a chapter house resident’s personal belongings, RPG has the tools and resources to ensure you’re covered.

RPG offers several different insurance products to meet your coverage needs. Property and liability insurance for house corporations, renter’s insurance for members/residents and special events insurance for the chapter.


Through our partnership with professionals and underwriters specializing in the fraternal insurance market, we’re confident RPG can offer you the breadth and coverage of insurance your property needs at industry low premiums. 


The House Corporation Commercial General Liability Insurance Program was instituted in 2013 to help ensure all house corporation assets were adequately insured. ATO National’s General Liability Policy affords each house corporation only $100,000 of coverage. If your corporation has assets in excess of this limit, you need supplemental liability coverage. RPG is confident our program offers a combination of coverage limits and premium that can’t be matched.


Sometimes, things happen. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re covered? Protecting your belongings from theft or damage is easy and affordable. Most policies cover your stuff, offer liability coverage and cost less than a dollar a day.


Is your chapter or house corporation planning a special event? Make sure your insurance permits and covers such events. Special event coverage is a General Liability policy that is purchased to insure a specific function or activity and usually covers a period of time less than 7 days. A special events policy should be considered for any event or function where alcohol will be present, and the guest to member ratio exceeds 3 to 1, any event/function involving athletic events or competition, any event that involves any activity that is deemed to be potentially hazardous by your BOT, House Corporation, or National Fraternity Staff. 

For more information or specific questions regarding Insurance, please email us at