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Ownership & Management

Ownership & Management


In RPG’s infancy, the company’s main goal was to rescue those assets in jeopardy of being lost to an unrelated third party.  Over time, our breadth of services has grown tremendously. Today, the RPG ownership and management option is available to all housing corporations.

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Our Pledge to You

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RPG pledges to each alumni group we partner with the following;

  • To protect & preserve the property with a long term focus
  • To provide residence to ATOs, so long as a chapter is present and able to financially support the facility
  • Should RPG ever desire to sell the asset, we will give you the first opportunity to purchase.

Acquisition Process

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Our acquisition process is very straightforward.  As in any real estate transaction, RPG will need to learn about the history, financial and operating details of a prospective property.  Our due diligence process is as follows;

  • Owners and RPG discuss property and owners desires/objectives
  • Owners complete and submit due diligence request form
  • RPG completes due diligence report
  • RPG board of directors review proposed transaction and vote on approval
  • If approved, RPG structures closing

The due diligence process can last a little as a few months or longer than a year depending on how easily financial and operating data is made available.  In all acquisition processes consideration for the chapter members and the transition to new ownership is always at the forefront of our minds.  Our goal is for a seamless transition with no negative impact on facility residents.

If you are interested in ​RPG Ownership & Management services or would just like more information on the acquisition process, please click here.